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Attn: Candidate Loan

Responding to your emails in second place, below is the information on this company that I believe will help to show the legitimacy of this company.

Company Name: El Financial Credit Firm Inc.

Address: 7 West Richmond

Edinburgh, Midland, EH8 9EF

United Kingdom

Contact Name: Mr. Holman Jessy

e-mail: holmanjessy@yahoo.com

More to that,Holman Jessy Credit Firm Inc. is registered in England and Wales with registration No. 6330085 and is a Co-operative body, approved by both the Board and the government of this country to offer loans to customers worldwide.

Well, if you want to get loan from this company please come back to me with the following below.

Amount needed:





Types of business:

Acknowledge receipt of this email and not me as soon as possible to the process.


Mr Holman Jessy

Tel: 393888540146

E-mail: holmanjessy@yahoo.com

Review about: Loan Offer.

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